A Proper Introduction …

Hi, my name is Ryan James*. You might remember me from such hits as, “How Long,” “Home to Texas,” or “Goodbye Carolina.” If not, then take my word, you are not alone. In 2005 my debut album, Back to the Wind, hit the market followed by Directed in 2007. Things—as things so often do—didn’t work out exactly the way I’d planned. So here I am keeping connected to a life that gave me so much love and so much turmoil. There are many friends and fans I miss seeing every weekend. Thank goodness for the internet!

These days I spend most of my time studying. Yep, I’m back in school. I have chosen to follow in the footsteps of my infinitely more wise wife and become a nurse. Even though I earned a whopping 80+ hours at Texas Tech in the 90’s, I’m still several years away from a degree. All the while, I watch over our two year old son and continue to write songs in the cracks of free time I rarely have.

I promise to not always self-deprecate; and I’ll try to keep my opinions to a whisper. Really, I just want to have a way to let fans new and old alike that I’m here, I know you are too, and that you haven’t heard the last of me. Thanks for stopping by! Leave some links, videos, pictures, stories, etc by clicking the ‘SUBMIT’ button over there on the left…

* - My full name, in the event you were wondering, is Ryan James Spradlin. It’s nice to meet you.

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